How it Started

Teens Helping Kids started in 2008 with five high school juniors. We intentionally started with a small number to encourage full participation and responsibility by each team member. After talking to many people who raise money for other causes, we decided to raise money to underwrite and hold a celebrity sports dinner that would in turn raise money for local charities that are helping kids in our area. We selected Monica’s and Maggie’s House as our main charity.

We approached the Board of Monica’s and Maggie’s House with the idea and they accepted whole heartedly. We agreed to raise the money to underwrite the event and told Monica’s and Maggie’s House that they could keep all of the money they raised by selling sponsorships to the event.

After approaching a number of businesses and professionals in our community, we were excited to sign on seven initial sponsors for our cause. We are so grateful for their faith in us and our mission. With the money they provided, we were able to obtain the location, pay for the caterers, pay for the advertising and fund the many other expenses necessary to put on this fund raiser. We also were able to book Dallas Cowboy Walt Garrison as our main sports celebrity.

In addition to underwriting the event for Monica’s and Maggie’s House, we were able to raise additional funds through tips from tables at the dinner. Over 450 people attended. Each table was assigned a “celebrity” waiter who generously gave of their time and encouraged all to leave generous tips. Through this tip fund, we were able to make grants to seven other local groups helping kids in our community.

The result was amazing. We raised $79,959! After paying for all of the expenses of the event, we netted approximately $58,000, all of which went directly to charity. Thank you to our sponsors, Walt Garrison and our celebrity waiters!